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Dating frankoma marks glaze colors

The ardent collector can with some luck find this shaker 1) on Ada clay from the last year of that clay, 2) glazed in clay blue from the first year of that glaze, and 3) with the double diamond “S” pour hole pattern in its first full year of use.The Lazybones shaker is difficult, but not impossible to find on Ada clay.For this offering all of the items featured onyx exterior glazing.The price sheet lists two different glazes for the interiors.The first is a light green presented in the price list as "Jade Green" and a bright blue "Turquoise". The literature lists Jade Green as being last used in 1938.The replacement glaze, used during the 1940's is Silver Sage, a slightly lighter glaze.

Frankoma pieces made since 1954 sport a red clay from Sapulpa, Oklahoma in comparison to the older pieces formed with a tan colored clay dug at Ada, Oklahoma.The Lazybones pattern shaker is the only dinnerware shaker Frankoma produced with both the salt and pepper molded as one piece.One other Frankoma shaker, the Turner Turnpike commemorative set introduced in 1953 also shares this feature.A simple price list flyer included in the 1949 catalog presented the items.Complicated glazing patterns simply were not a part of the Frankoma style at least until they presented the new double-fired flame glaze in 1964.

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Lazybones arrived on the dinnerware scene in 1953, the last year for Ada clay production.

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