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In March 2005, she signed with a contract with publisher Yuan Shen to be the author of a series of English reference books.The first release of these books, Jolin's English Diary Book, sold more than 1 million copies in Asia, with more than 250,000 copies sold in Taiwan alone.This featured story has been extracted from “A Tale of Two Civilisations: The Viking and the Muslim World” One account in particular that was written and narrated by the 10th century traveller from the Muslim Civilisation, Ahmed Ibn Fadlan, seems to be most widespread and extensive in terms of content.However other scholars such as Muhammad al-Idrisi (1100-1165), Ibn Khurradadhbih / Ibn Khordadbeh (820-910), al-Tartushi (1059-1127), al-Mas’udi (896-956), al-Muqaddasi (940-991), Ibn Rustah (10th Century) , Miskawayh (932-1030), Ibn Hawqal (10th Century), Ahmad al-Ya’qubi (897-898), Ibn Qutiya (10th Century), Yaqut al-Rumi (1179-1229), Yahya Ibn Hakam al-Bakri (772 - 866), al-Maqqari (1578-1632) and Ibn al-Athir (1160-1233) also share their observations of these saqalibah, a term first employed in the 10th century translated as “They keep their clothes clean and the men adorn themselves with armbands of gold...The director Baz Luhrmann notes " I had come to the music of A.

The music producer Ron Fair considers Rahman to be "one of the world's great living composers in any medium".

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Known for reinventing both her music and image, she is cited as a huge role of popularizing dance music as mainstream music in Greater China.

In September 2003, Tsai helped American singer Madonna translate her children's book, titled The English Roses, into traditional Chinese, as well as successively translated five other Madonna's books since then.

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