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Mapping exercises and size estimation are used to reach key populations through targeted outreach programmes, drop in centres, HIV testing, and referrals to antiretroviral treatment services.

The criminalisation of sex work and the carrying of condoms as circumstantial evidence have resulted in sex workers not accessing health and other social services for fear of being arrested.

In the town of Meiktila, a Buddhist mob surrounded a Muslim man and set him on fire.

Wirathu, who was blamed for fanning the flames of ethnic hatred, is the most well-known spokesman for the “969 Movement”—named after the nine special attributes of the Buddha, the six distinctive features of his teachings, and the nine characteristics of monks—which was formed to defend the purity of Burmese Buddhist culture against its adulteration from outside influences, primarily Muslim.

The youth activist was some 500 kilometres away on a work trip when the crackdown began in Letpadan, a small town in Bago, a region adjacent to Yangon.

A war criminal accused of ordering attacks on civilians, murder, enslavement, execution without trial, sexual violence, pillage and torture is scheduled to testify about Myanmar’s human rights record at the UN Friday, Nov. With overwhelming evidence of his crimes exposed in a Harvard Law School report, General Ko Ko should be arrested when he reaches Geneva.

Instead, as Myanmar’s chosen representative on its human rights record, he will be granted complete immunity by the UN itself.

This increases both their personal vulnerability to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, as well as that of their clients.

The comprehensive condom programme is a key priority for UNFPA because condoms are recognized as the only effective way to prevent HIV as well as other sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy.

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