Underwear fetish dating sites dating at the upper larum

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Underwear fetish dating sites

Why people choose to sell their underwear online is simple: money. "It’s different for everyone,” Reddit user pantysellingfiend, who claimed to have sold their underwear online, said on a thread."I've had men say they just wanted them so they can masturbate with them, others want to wear them, and I've had some men say they wanted to put them around their home so their friends would think that they slept with a lot of women." The cash raked in can also vary, from tens of pounds to thousands.

The hard-up 19-year-old mentioned above is far from alone in turning to extreme means to get by at uni.“I wouldn't say we're friends, but we'll speak every now and then.We talk briefly about how our lives are going, but nothing too personal.“No one knows that I sell used underwear.‘The idea of getting easy money with something I already have [the ability to have sex, and the ability to entertain someone] made me interested.‘I don’t come from a rich family so I was interested in getting money quickly and easily.’ Through the sites she appeared on, she made arrangements with sugar daddies to spend time with them in exchange for monthly allowances of around £1,000 – and sometimes she’d come away from her liaisons with gifts too.

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Since she started selling her underwear, Stacey has never been asked to wear a garment for more than a week.