Updating immigration status on oes nexus

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You can download a simplified version of the government Nexus application form by using IVT’s services. Your Nexus interview will take place at one of the NEXUS Enrollment Centers.You can choose the location that best suits you but if you intend on using the Nexus pass for air travel you must select a centre that can do the required iris scan.Your NEXUS data appears on the border official’s computer screen.It is cross checked with law enforcement databases in Canada and the US as well as with license plate readers.

As a low risk traveler your personal information is held on the Customs and Border Patrol computer and not directly on your NEXUS card.

This can only be done if it is a renewal of a passport currently associated with your account and does not include a name or issuing authority change in the new passport or is a new/additional document/passport that was not previously associated with your account.

Once logged into your GOES account, click on "Update Documents" on left hand side of the page.

NEXUS cards are given to low risk travelers whose personal data has been subject to numerous checks by both US and Canada border officials and law enforcement agencies.

These trusted travelers have undergone a Nexus interview with Customs and Border Protection officers from both the US and Canada.

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