Updating perl howto

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Updating perl howto

Before embarking upon any installation, it's a good idea to download the module, unzip it and check out the documentation.

In general, though, most modules are installed in the same method.

We will use the cpan command to install Perl modules.

You can find the full list of available CPAN modules in the official documentation. After opening the command console, you need to type cpan. The syntax is the following:install module::name For example, we will install the Date:: Calc Perl module: 3.

If you need any further help please reach our support department.5) You can install the Perl module by typing the module name in the text box and click the ‘Install Now’ button.6) Once the installation completed, you will get the following message.7) We can see the system installed modules by clicking the button ‘Show System Installed Modules’.The simplest way to get Perl modules installed is to use the CPAN module itself.CPAN should take it from there and you'll wind up with the module installed into your Perl library.

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3) You can search the Perl module by typing the module’s name in the search box.