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It was outside of Dayton Ohio, and six hours from Chicago.

This is an even starker figure to similar research carried out in the US which found that from 1950 through June 2015, 5.6 per cent of the 116,153 priests who worked have been accused of child sexual abuse.

This map shows the weighted average percentage of accused-perpetrator priests over 60 years.

The guidelines for a social science core course stress the development of the following characteristics of a responsible member of society: (1) an acquaintance with major empirical, analytical, or theoretical approaches to human behavior, institutions or culture; (2) an acquaintance with social, economic, political, or moral alternatives; (3) an acquaintance with major problems, issues, institutions, practices or trends in the social world; (4) a capacity to express ideas clearly, coherently and grammatically in written form as one component of the evaluation process.

This written work must total at least 1500 words, at least half of which must be prepared outside of class.

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Readings and student projects will change yearly to address topics including pre-contact concepts of gender and sexuality, changes in ideas and practices with European contact, and contemporary ethnographic studies of gender and sexuality in the region.