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Three years later, Ren Mc Cormack, a Boston-raised teenager, moves to Bomont to live with his uncle, aunt, and cousins after his mother's death from leukemia and his father's abandonment.

Soon after arriving, Ren befriends Willard Hewitt, a fellow senior at Bomont High, and from him learns about the ban on dancing.

After a while Ariel begins to fall for Ren and dumps Chuck, and Chuck beats her up. When Moore demands Ren's arrest, Ariel tells him that he can't blame everything on Ren just like he did with Bobby.

She then reveals that she is no longer a virgin, which prompts Moore to beg for her to not talk like that in church, having Ariel sarcastically ask Moore if he will pass another law, and how it didn't stop her and Chuck from having sex.

Reverend Moore distrusts Ren and forbids Ariel from ever seeing him again.

Ren and his classmates want to do away with the law and have a senior prom.

I met Dali at a footloose party at Hard Rock Café’.

From there, as the natural flow would take me, i went on to Delhi for college & then onwards to Mumbai for work.

Here, I discovered the freedom to make a life for myself as I wished. My well-intentioned parents tried their best to find me a "RISHTA" in their own “social circle” BUT failed because their “social circle” was not MY “social circle” anymore & I had nothing in common with the people there.

So i made new friends, gathered new experiences, travelled, worked hard & partied harder. full of my own unique experiences, had made me a “new person”…and I wanted to meet someone from “my world” in a way that I related to…yet also someone who my parents could relate to as well.

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We discovered shared interest, common friends & felt an awesome vibe as well..

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